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Tiledesk-server is the server engine of Tiledesk. Tiledesk is an Open Source Live Chat platform with integrated ChatBot written in NodeJs and Express. Build your own customer support with a multi-channel platform for Web, Android and iOS. More info here https://www.tiledesk.com.


  • Nodejs and npm installed


Steps to run locally:

npm install -g @tiledesk/tiledesk-server mongodb-runner
mongodb-runner start
FIREBASE_CONFIG_FILE=<FIREBASE_CONFIG_PATH.json> DATABASE_URI=mongodb://localhost/test tiledesk-server  

Note: If installation with -g fails due to permission problems (npm ERR! code 'EACCES'), please refer to this link.

Running Tiledesk Server elsewhere

Install from source code

  • Clone this repo
  • Install dependencies with 'npm install'
  • Configure Firebase
    • Set Firebase "databaseURL" in config/firebase.js file
    • Set the chat21 "url" in config/chat21.js file
    • Download a firebase private key from Firebase Console and copy it under the root folder of the project
    • (Optionally)Set the following Firebase parameters: process.env.FIREBASE_PRIVATE_KEK, process.env.FIREBASE_CLIENT_EMAIL, process.env.FIREBASE_PROJECT_ID;
  • Configure MongoDb account in config/database.js file
  • Run the app with the command 'npm start' or with 'nodemon' if you want monitoring and auto reload. Install nodemon with 'npm install -g nodemon'

Deploy on Heroku

Deploy with button:


To see the log run :

heroku logs  -n 2000 --tail -a tiledesk-server


See the Tiledesk REST API here