SMS Marketing Notifications

by tobychin


SMS Notifications

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Use Twilio to create sms notifications to keep your subscribers in the loop.

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Deploy to Heroku

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Running the application

  1. First clone this repository and cd into it
git clone
cd marketing-notifications-sinatra
  1. Install dependencies
  1. Create application's database

Make sure you have installed PostgreSQL. If on a Mac, I recommend Given that, we'll use a rake task to generate the database used by the app. You just need to provide a valid user with permission to create databases.

bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate
  1. Export environment variables.

You can find AccountSID and the AuthToken at

export TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID=your account sid
export TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN=your auth token
export TWILIO_NUMBER=your twilio number

  1. Make sure the tests succeed
bundle exec rake spec
  1. Run the server
rails server
  1. Expose application endpoint

In order to receive subscribers you will need to point a Twilio number to the app running. To do that we can use ngrok to expose the application to the wilder internet.

  ngrok http 3000
  1. Configure your Twilio number

Go to your dashboard on Twilio. Click on Twilio Numbers and choose a number to setup. On the phone number page, enter the address provided by ngrok into the Messaging Request URL field.

Request URL

  1. Wrap Up!

By now, your application should be up and running at http://localhost:3000/. Now your subscribers will be able to text your new Twilio number to Subscribe to your Marketing Notifications line.



This application uses this Twilio helper library:

  • twilio-ruby

Please visit these libraries and pay your respects.


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  • MIT License
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