Tor Proxy Buildpack for Heroku

by todokku


Tor Proxy Buildpack for Heroku

This buildpack sets up a Tor Proxy for your app on Heroku.



1] Create a Heroku app as normal with the usual buildpacks.

2] Then, add this buildpack in your app (through the Heroku CLI):

$ heroku buildpacks:add

3] With this buildpack installed, Tor Proxy runs automatically on the port: 9050.

NOTE: Tor Proxy is a SOCKS-proxy and works with SOCKS-supporting applications.


You'll need to provide these as env variables (check this guide):

  • TOR_VERSION: The version of Tor to install (default: its latest version).
  • TOR_CONTROL_PORT: The port to be used for the control server (default: 9051).
  • TOR_CONTROL_PASS: The password for the control server (default: "torProxy@123").


  • Caches compilation
  • Verifies integrity (confirm yourself; it's provided as is without any warranty)