Slack slash

by tomfa


Slack slash commands

A simple dummy-server for using Slack slash commands against



  1. Deploy this app to heroku using the button above or host it online some other way. Note down its URL.
  2. Ensure it works, by seeing that it responds at (HTTPS required)
  3. Go to Slack apps and find Slash Commands
  4. Add a command, with URL pointing at on of the endpoints in the server above (e.g.
  5. Change icon, name, command, autocomplete help text as you see fit
  6. Note down the Token for the Slash command. Add it to the environment variable SLACK_API_KEY on the server. On heroku, this can be done on Heroku dashboard, under your app > Settings > Config Variables
  7. Save your Slash command and test it in your slack channel by typing /your-command

If you need to accept multiple tokens (i.e. have multiple slash commands), separate them with ; in the environment variable SLACK_API_KEY