Channels Chatbot

by tommygaessler


Channels Chatbot

Server Setup

To run the completed Chatbot on a live server, follow these steps,

  1. Click the Deploy to Heroku Button,


  2. Fill in your Zoom Chatbot API credentials.

  3. Click Deploy app.

  4. On your App Marketplace Dashboard, add your Heroku url ( to your Whitelist URLs (App Credentials Page), Redirect URL for OAuth ( (App Credentials Page), and Bot Endpoint URL ( (Features Page).

  5. On your App Marketplace Dashboard, go to the Local Test page and click Install (to install using your development credentials) or go to the Submit page and click Add to Zoom (to install using your production credentials). After you click the Authorize button, you should be taken to your redirect url and see this,

    Your Chatbot is now installed, open the Zoom App and type /slashcommand list in a channel or list in the Channels Chatbot!

  6. Now that your Chatbot is installed on your Zoom account, go to a Zoom Chat channel and type,

    /slashcommand list

    This will display a list of Channels the user who typed the slash command has access to. Click on a channel in the list to see the JID of that channel.

    /slashcommand details

    This will display the Channel JID and Channel Name of the Channel the command was typed in, as well as the Account ID.

Need Support?

The first place to look for help is on our Developer Forum, where Zoom Marketplace Developers can ask questions for public answers.

If you can’t find the answer in the Developer Forum or your request requires sensitive information to be relayed, please email us at