Heroku Architecture Certificati

by trineo

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Heroku Architecture Designer Certification Slackbot


Adding to Slack

  1. Create a Slack application
  2. Use the Heroku Deploy button
  3. Find the “Signing Secret” in your Slack application's “App Credentials” settigs
  4. Take the Heroku app URL (e.g. https://YOUR-APP.herokuapp.com) and add a slash command (e.g. /study) that points to https://YOUR-APP.herokuapp.com/slack/actions
  5. Install the Slack app to your Workspace

Contributing to questions

To add a question, edit data/quizzes/heroku-architecture.yml.

Correct answers are indicated with an * at the end.

Developing locally

To set up this application, run:


This command will check your system for necessary dependencies, and guide you on how to install any missing. Re-run the command until you see “You're good to go!”

To run the tests: