by tsnolan23


Image Proxy

A simple Express app for proxying images.

The code is just over 100 lines, making it easy to tailor to your needs.

Getting Started

The URL structure is /:url. The :url parameter must be escaped/encoded.


Image proxy:

  • Supports HTTP and HTTPS
  • Follows 301 and 302 redirects
  • Sets a maximum timeout for the remote server
  • Handles complex MIME types like image/jpeg; charset=utf-8
  • Optional whitelisting using regular expressions

HTTP server:

  • No query string parameters (preferred by CloudFront)
  • Adds a Cache-Control header

If you need more features, see node-imageable and node-imageable-server.

Environment variables

  • DELAY: The timeout delay in milliseconds, after which the proxy will respond with a HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout server error. Default: 5000
  • WHITELIST: A comma-separated list of domains to whitelist, e.g. .gov,, which will be transformed into the regular expressions /\.gov$/ and /facebook\.com$/.
  • PORT: If running the server, changes the port on which it listens. Default: 5000




git clone
heroku apps:create
heroku config:set NODE_ENV=production
git push heroku master
heroku apps:open

AWS CloudFront

Create a distribution and set the "Origin Domain Name" to the domain name of your Heroku app.


npm test


This project is inspired by node-connect-image-proxy.