Twilio Mobile Quickstart

by twilio


Programmable Voice: Quickstart Application Server - Python

This repository contains the server-side web application required to run the Twilio Programmable Voice iOS SDK Quickstart and Android SDK Quickstart mobile sample apps.

Looking for the Quickstart mobile app?

Download the client-side Quickstart Applications in Swift and iOS here:

Download the client-side Quickstart Application for Android here:


Setting up the Application

Open the file Edit ACCOUNT_SID, API_KEY, API_KEY_SECRET with the values gathered above in the Android or iOS quickstart.

Next, install pip on your machine:

Once installed run the following command to install the required Python packages from within this project's parent directory:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Once that's done you can start the server by executing:


Visit http://localhost:5000 to ensure the server is running.

Up and running

This web application needs to be accessbile on the public internet in order to receive webhook requests from Twilio. Ngrok is a great options for getting this done quickly.

Once you have the application running locally, in a separate terminal window, make your server available to the public internet with the following:

ngrok http 5000

You should see a dynamically generated public Ngrok URL in the command window. Ngrok will now tunnel all HTTP traffic directed at this URL to your local machine at port 5000.

Test the app

Test your app by opening the {YOUR_SERVER_URL}/accessToken endpoint in your browser. Use the publicly accessible domain on ngrok. You should see a long string. This is an Access Token. You can examine its contents by pasting it into a JWT tool like