Appointment Reminders

by TwilioDevEd



Appointment Reminders with Ruby on Rails and Twilio

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Make sure your customers show up for their scheduled appointments with automated reminders. Deliver reminders via SMS text messages that don't get ignored like your e-mails.

Read the full tutorial here!

Local development

This project is built using Ruby on Rails Framework.

  1. First clone this repository and cd into it.

    git clone
    cd appointment-reminders-rails
  2. Install the dependencies.

    $ bundle install
  3. Copy the .env.example file to .env, and edit it including your credentials for the Twilio API (found at You will also need a Twilio Number.

    Run source .env to export the environment variables.

  4. Create the database and run migrations.

    Make sure you have installed PostgreSQL. If on a Mac, I recommend

    $ bundle exec rake db:setup
  5. Make sure the tests succeed.

    $ bundle exec rake
  6. Start delayed jobs.

    $ ./bin/delayed_job start
  7. Start the development server.

    $ bundle exec rails s
  8. Check it out at http://localhost:3000.


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  • MIT License
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