Click To Call: Twilio & Nod

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Click to Call - Node.js

This is an application example implementing Click to Call using Twilio. For a step-by-step tutorial, visit this link.

Read the full tutorial here!

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Setting Your Environment Variables

Are you using a bash shell? Use echo $SHELL to find out. For a bash shell, using the Gmail example, edit the ~/.bashrc or ~/.bashprofile file and add:

export TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID=ACxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
export TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN=yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
export TWILIO_NUMBER=+15556667777

Are you using Windows or Linux? You can learn more about how to set variables here.


Getting your local environment setup to work with this app is easy.
After you configure your app with the steps above use this guide to get it going locally.

  1. Install the dependencies.
npm install
  1. Launch local development webserver.
node app.js
  1. Open browser to http://localhost:3000.

  2. Tweak away on routes/index.js.


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