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  1. git clone && cd wedding-screen
  2. Build: cp src/config/config.sample.json src/config/config.json && npm install && npm run build
  3. Start server: npm run start
  4. Now you can browse the service with your favorite browser at http://localhost:5566 as user and, http://localhost:5566/admin-index.html (password: happy) as admin.

TL;DR with Docker

  1. docker pull dy93/wedding-screen:latest
  2. Prepare 3 folders:
  • images: put your images into it
  • config: put config.json into it. See Configuration for detailed information.
  • db: empty folder which the db files will created in
  1. docker run -d -p 5566:5566 -v /PATH/TO/config:/usr/src/app/dist/config -v /PATH/TO/db:/usr/src/app/db -v /PATH/TO/images/:/usr/src/app/dist/public/images dy93/wedding-screen
  2. Now you can browse the service with your favorite browser at http://localhost:5566 as user and, http://localhost:5566/admin-index.html as admin.

TL;DR with Heroku Deploy

  1. Packing your images and config.json into a folder and zip it.
    • folder structure:
      ├── config.json  # config must be named config.json
      ├── normal           # folder to put normal images
      |   ├── image1.jpg   # normal image
      |   └── ...
      └── blur             # folder to put blur images
          ├── image1.jpg   # blur image
          └── ...
    • See Configuration for more information about config.json.
  2. Upload the zipped folder to a cloud storage services(ex: dropbox) and generate a share link.
  3. Click Deploy
    • You must create a Heroku account first.
    • Fill DOWNLOAD_URL field with the shared link that created in step 2.
    • Click Deploy app button. Then Heroku will automatically download configuration and images from the shared link and run deployment process.
    • After finishing deployment, click View button to visit your own wedding web-app!


A wedding activity web app implemented by a happy programmer couple dy93 and ueewbd ❤️.

There are two modes and an admin page

  1. slideshow mode:

    Users can see wedding pictures and leave bullet comments.

  2. game mode:

    This mode was inspired by Kahoot!. Since Kahoot does not show full description of options on users' phone and it's a requirement for us. We decided to implement this game service by ourselves.

  3. admin page:

    Admin can switch between modes and control the game state.



  • Nodejs 10



  1. Clone the project from github.

    git clone
  2. cd into project folder.

    cd wedding-screen
  3. Install dependency.

    npm install
  4. Set up configurations.

    cp src/config/config.sample.json src/config/config.json
  5. Compile typescript to javascript.

    npm run build
  6. Start server.

    npm run start

OK! Now you can visit http://localhost:5566 to watch slideshow or play game.

Visit http://localhost:5566/admin-index.html and login(default password:happy) to control the state.


Put your images into src/public/images/normal. Put the blur images into src/public/images/blur.

Compress image:

for i in `ls $src`; do
  gm convert -size 1280x1280 $src/$i -resize 1280x1280 images/normal/$i
  gm convert images/normal/$i -blur 0x4 images/blur/$i


Edit src/config/config.json (If not exists, copy from src/config/config.sample.json)

Configuration options:

property description admin.password Admin login password slide.intervalMs Slideshow interval game.intervalMs Answer time game.questions List of question objects game.questions[].text Question text game.questions[].options List of option objects. Each question must have 4 options game.questions[].options[].text Option text game.questions[].options[].isAnswer (boolean) Indicate whether this option is correct. Allow multiple answers

See config.sample.json for example.


Use sqlite. DB file name is in the format of db/db-<timestamp>.sqlite which is created on server starting. To view the data, download the file and open it with any sqlite viewer.


If you encounter performance issues. The tips below could help.

  • Compress images to a reasonable size. There are lots of tools can do that (ex:
  • Use the production build for front-end. See React document for more detailed information.
  • It's recommend to use 4G since the WiFi offered by the wedding venue may be slow.

How to develop

  1. Compile typescript in watch mode: npm run dev
  2. Modify the code under src
  3. Every time you modify the code, the server will auto hot-reload :)


To be completed