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What is Ushahidi?

Ushahidi is an open source web application for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping. It helps you to collect info from: SMS, Twitter, RSS feeds, Email. It helps you to process that information, categorize it, geo-locate it and publish it on a map.

A note for grassroots organizations

If you are starting a deployment for a grassroots organization, you can apply for a free social-impact responder account here after verifying that you meet the criteria.

Manuals and documentation

Platform User Manual

The official reference on how to use the Platform. Create surveys, configure data sources... it's all in there! Platform User Manual

Platform Developer Documentation

Key pointers on installing and developing on the Platform.

Platform Developer Documentation

Ushahidi OSS Home

Ushahidi and Open Source Software community. Projects, efforts, meeting notes.

Ushahidi OSS Home


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