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📔 Vapor Todo Backend

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Vapor is a Swift backend framework to build server-side applications in Swift.

TodoBackend is a proof-of-concept catalog to demonstrate the implementation of the same simple API using different backend frameworks.

This project is a TodoBackend implementation using Vapor, Swift and MySQL as a backend stack.

🌎 Environment

  • Swift 3.0 Gold Master
  • MySQL Database Credentials

🦄 Deploy

Fully deploy w/ MySQL Database included on Heroku.


🛠 Setup

Swift 3.0

Download latest Xcode 8 and make sure it's been opened at least once. Also make sure command line tools are set to Xcode 8 in Xcode's preferences.

Xcode > Preferences > Locations > Command Line Tools

MySQL Config

To build, the first place you'll want to look is the Config/ directory. In their, you should create a secrets folder and a nested mysql.json. Here's how my Config/ folder looks locally.

  - mysql.json
	  - mysql.json

The secrets folder is under the gitignore and shouldn't be committed.

Here's an example secrets/mysql.json

  "host": "",
  "user": "username",
  "password": "badpassword",
  "database": "databasename",
  "port": "3306",
  "encoding": "utf8"

Vapor CLI

The Vapor Command Line Interface makes it easy to build and run Vapor projects. Install it on Mac by running


brew install vapor/tap/toolbox


curl -sL | bash

Manual Deploy

When deploying, one may optionally include the secrets folder if they have a secure way of doing so. The official deploy is done through use of environment variables configured on the server that match the following scheme.


  "host": "$MYSQL_HOST",
  "user": "$MYSQL_USER",
  "password": "$MYSQL_PASS",
  "database": "$MYSQL_DB",
  "port": "$MYSQL_PORT",
  "encoding": "utf8"

// OR

  "url": "mysql://user:pass@host:3306/database"

Checkout more documentation here

🙌 Thanks

A great deal of work on this library was originally done by @sarbogast. Thanks 🙌