Dr.Whatson in the house

by vasantvohra

GitHub Readme.md


Med 277 Project A google assistant bot that aims to predict diseases based on symptoms.

DialogFlow has been used to converse with a patient and a combination of rake, naive bayes classifier and a kaggle dataset, we suggest probable symtoms and diseases to the patient.


The data from the kaggle challenge available here has been used for the predictive tasks. We use dia_3.csv, sym_3.csv and sym_dis_matrix.csv.

Heroku App

You can deploy the server code on heroku from here:


GoogleAssistant App

The zip of Dr.Whatson's Dialogflow agents and intents is available here.

To recreate the app:

  • Fork/make a copy of the repository. Upload datafiles from the link to a new data folder
  • Create and launch the Heroku server (Click the button above)
  • Create a new DialogFlow agent here
  • Import all contents of the zip downloaded above into this agent
  • Set fulfilment webhook url as <your heroku-app>/webhook

You will be able to access the app through the google assitant on your devices.