AppCenter to Slack Notifier

by vkimone


AppCenter To Slack Deploy

appcenter-to-slack is a webhook receiver that will post messages to your Slack instance. AppCenter supports sending the following types of events to webhooks:

  • Build
  • Distribution
  • Crashes

appcenter-to-slack supports only the distribution type of event. there is no ducumentation on the payload of the "Build" and "Crashes".

Get Your Slack Access Token

In order to use this integration, you need the Slack Access Token and the channel name or id (e.g. #channel or C061EG9SL) to post messages to. You can get an access token from your Slack app or custom integration - xoxa, xoxp, or xoxb.

  1. Create new app on
  2. Click on Features > OAuth & Permissions

Deploy to Heroku

Click on the Heroku button above and fill out the form.

Create the Webhook

  1. Click on your app on the AppCenter dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings > Webhooks.
  3. Create a new Webook.
  4. Enter a name and the URL of your Heroku app e.g.

channel_id is the mandatory query parameter.