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VoiceIt API 1.0 IVR Demo

A NodeJS and Twilio Based IVR Demo, showing an integration example between VoiceIt's API 1.0 and twilio APIs


One Click Install - Heroku

This will install the application and all the dependencies on Heroku (login required) for you. As part of the installation, the Heroku app will walk you through configuration of environment variables. Please click on the following button to deploy the application.


After installation you also need to log in to your twilio account and point a purchased phone number to this new application like shown below. Make sure set webhook when call comes in to the right URL and HTTP request to POST.

API Key and Token

You can now call the twilio number you have pointed to the application and try out the demo, and modify it as desired for your own use case.

Manual Install


npm install


  1. Set the environment variable VOICEIT_DEVELOPER_ID to your VoiceIt DeveloperId and VOICEPRINT_PHRASE to a phrase that you have pre - approved in your VoiceIt console and CONTENT_LANGUAGE to associated contentLanguage
  2. npm start
  3. Point a Twilio Phone number to VoiceURL to your http://app-name-here/incoming_call
  4. Make sure the HTTP Method is set to POST

Deploy to Heroku

$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku config:set VOICEIT_DEVELOPER_ID=123456abcdef123456 VOICEPRINT_PHRASE='Never forget tomorrow is a new day' CONTENT_LANGUAGE=en-US