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by wagn

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A Decko deck that can be installed on Heroku


Ahoy! You are only three -oys away from your very own deck:


For full functionality, you need to have a cloud storage provider at your disposal. Find and get one if you don't have one. For example AWS S3, Rackspace or Google Cloud.

It's to use a deck without cloud storage. Choose "web" as file store option. In that case you won't be able to upload images and files and you can't make any css and javascript changes. But it's possible to embed images via urls (That's why the option is called "web". You can use existing "web" resources in your deck)


Click here 👉 Deploy and fill in the fields.

Additional information about your config options

Wagn uses CarrierWave and Fog to handle file uploads. The config variables in Heroku are translations of CarrierWave's Fog configuration API

config.fog_option = value    # => OPTION = value
config.fog_credentials = {
  option = value             # => CREDENTIALS_OPTION = value

The deploy form offers only credential config options for Google and AWS. If you want to use a different cloud provider then leave the credential fields empty, deploy the Heroku app, click on "manage app" and use the "config variables" section on the settings tab to provide the credentials for your cloud storage.


The first page load takes a while and sometimes fails with an error message. In that case just reload the page and then have fun with your new deck.