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Web App for collecting questionaire data & work session productivity metrics & correlates from KS backers & product testers

License: MIT

Django React Boilerplate


A Django 1.11 project boilerplate/template with lots of state of the art libraries and tools like:

For continuous integration, a CircleCI configuration circle.yml is included.

Also, includes a Heroku app.json and a working Django production.py settings, enabling easy deployments with 'Deploy to Heroku' button. Those Heroku plugins are included in app.json:

  • PostgreSQL, for DB
  • Redis, for Celery
  • Sendgrid, for e-mail sending
  • Papertrail, for logs and platform errors alerts (must set them manually)
  • Opbeat, for performance monitoring

This is a good starting point for modern Python/JavaScript web projects.



  • On project root, do the following:
  • Create a copy of mindset_app/settings/local.py.example:
    cp mindset_app/settings/local.py.example mindset_app/settings/local.py
  • Create a copy of .env.example:
    cp .env.example .env
  • Create the migrations for users app (do this, then remove this line from the README):
    python manage.py makemigrations
  • Run the migrations:
    python manage.py migrate


Running the project

  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • npm install
  • npm run start
  • python manage.py runserver


make test

Will run django tests using --keepdb and --parallel. You may pass a path to the desired test module in the make command. E.g.:

make test someapp.tests.test_views

Adding new pypi libs

Add high level dependecies to requirements-to-freeze.txt and pip freeze > requirements.txt. This is A Better Pip Workflow.


  • Manually with prospector and npm run lint on project root.
  • During development with an editor compatible with prospector and ESLint.

Pre-commit hooks

  • Run pre-commit install to enable the hook into your git repo. The hook will run automatically for each commit.
  • Run git commit -m "Your message" -n to skip the hook if you need.


How to test django-admin startproject

If you made changes to this boilerplate and want to test them, commit your changes and use git archive -o boilerplate.zip HEAD to create the template zip. Then, do a cd .. and a django-admin startproject theprojectname --extension py,yml,json --name Procfile,README.md,.env.example --template=django-react-boilerplate/boilerplate.zip to test the project bootstrap.

How to test Heroku deployment

Push your changes to a branch and visit https://dashboard.heroku.com/new?template=https://github.com/fill-org-or-user/fill-project-repo-name/tree/fill-branch (replace all fill-*).

How to add a 'Deploy to Heroku' button

Read this.

P.S. if you want to deploy in a different way please check the app.json file for what needs to be configured.

Commercial Support

This project, as other Vinta open-source projects, is used in products of Vinta clients. We are always looking for exciting work, so if you need any commercial support, feel free to get in touch: contact@vinta.com.br

Copyright (c) 2017 Vinta Serviços e Soluções Tecnológicas Ltda. MIT License