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AVS Companion site example


  • OAuth2 login
  • Access Token / Refresh Token


You can install the web server manually or use the Heroku service.

Install to your server manually

Download and Install

$ git clone https://github.com/webispy/avs_companion.git
$ cd avs_companion
$ npm install


$ node bin/www
listening on port 3000

Use Heroku service

Deploy to Heroku

You need to input CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET and PRODUCT_ID environment variables to deploy to Heroku. The values can be obtained through the Alexa Voice Service registration below.

If deployed to the Heroku, it could be a security risk because someone else who knows the URL can access it. So, when you are done testing, please stop the service in the Heroku dashboard.

Register Alexa Voice Service


Click the CREATE PRODUCT Button

Step 1 of 2: Product information

  • Product name: ... (e.g. MyAVS)
  • Product ID: ... (e.g. AVSTest) - Copy this value to notepad
  • Product type: Alexa-Enabled Device
  • Will your device use a companion app? No
  • How will end users interact with your product? Choose anything
  • Do you intend to distribute this product commercially? No
  • Is this a children’s product or is it otherwise directed to children younger than 13 years old? No
  • click NEXT Button

Step 2 of 2: LWA Security Profile

  • Security Profile: click CREATE NEW PROFILE

Step 2 of 2: LWA Security Profile - New profile

  • Security Profile Name: ...
  • Security Profile Description: ...
  • click NEXT Button

Step 2 of 2: LWA Security Profile - Platform Information

  • Platform Information: Web
  • Copy Client ID and Client secret to notepad
  • Allowed return URLs: http://localhost:3000/avs/callback or http://{your-heroku-app}.herokuapp.com/avs/callabck
  • click FINISH Button

Setup AVS Companion site (local server only. Heroku not work)

Open web browser with http://localhost:3000/setup

  • Client ID: paste Client ID from notepad
  • Client Secret: paste Client secret from notepad
  • Device Type ID: paste Product ID from notepad
  • click SAVE
  • Restart web server

Get token !!

Open web browser with http://localhost:3000/ or http://{your-heroku-app}.herokuapp.com/

  • Click Get token button
  • Login with your alexa account
  • Allow your product
  • DONE. Copy the token to your AVS application
  • The token is valid for one hour only. After one hour, you have to get the value again through the refresh token process.


The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2017 Inho Oh webispy@gmail.com