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a Moderation bot for your Discord server! 「ReWrite」

.::: Welcome :::.

This modbot uses rewrite 1.0.0a library for Discord bots.

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Development & Support server

.::: Installation :::.

Installation guide. (WIP)

.::: What is heroku? :::.

Heroku is a container based cloud platform that offers free plans to host web applications. Currently in development to fascilitate installation of Modbot.


.::: Features :::.

As each feature comes live, they will be marked with a sign next to them, whereas the ones that are in current development contain (WIP) WorkInProgress:

  • Moderation commands
  • Security commands
  • Webhooks commands
  • Join autoroles (WIP)
  • Self assignable roles
  • Welcome / farewell message (WIP)
  • Channel monitor
  • Remind commands
  • Custom prefix / @modbot
  • Interactive commands (WIP)
  • Set locale (translations)
  • Misc commands (WIP)
  • Eval ✔
  • Calc ✔
  • Timezone ✔
  • Translator ✔
  • Wiki
  • Urban
  • Search
  • mal

.::: List of Commands :::.

If you want to request features or commands, create an issue on this repo.

List of available commands and how to use them. If you need more help, use @mod help COMMAND_NAME to get further info.

Name Aliases Usage Sample Definition help n/a @mod help @mod help ping Shows this message. about info/invite @mod about n/a Modbot info page ping n/a @mod ping n/a Websocket latency, Pong! calc calculate @mod calc @mod calc 2 + 3 Do some math load n/a @mod load @mod load calculator Load a mod plugin reload n/a @mod reload @mod reload timezone Reload any mod plugin unload n/a @mod unload @mod unload calculator Unload any mod plugin tz timezone @mod tz @mod tz GMT Return current time for a particular timezone tr translate @mod tr @mod tr German tais-toi Translate across 180+ languages

NOTE: Do not ask for Mass DM command! Or any Anonymous command!

This ModBot (moderation bot) is meant to help mods manage their server, automate certain tasks that consume time, and most of all, ease the experience of everyone in the guild. However, there's a trail of actions so that Mods don't abuse their power, for this reason there are log_channels for command actions such as mute, kick, ban, soft-ban, and warnings.

.:: Acknowledgements ::.

I'd personally like to thank the following Devs, without them this project could never be possibble

Eval and google commands by Rapptz from R.Danny

Gitcog by 4JR

Discord webhooks by kyb3r

EmbedToBox by kwugfighter by Paul McGuire