Torrent Web

by wisekiddo


Torrent Web, a proof of concept

Stream and download a torrent through a plain http request 😁

Torrent Web is a self hosted server. It lets you direct download torrents with a simple web UI.

Get your own (Easy)

  • Sign up for Heroku, this gives you a free server.
  • Click the Deploy button below to load this app into your Heroku account.

Get your own (Advanced)

  • Have node.js installed and port 80 available.
  • In a command prompt, type: npm install -g torrent-web
  • Once done, run it with: torrent-web
  • Visit http://localhost/ in your browser.

Command line options

Change the port with --port= or -p=
torrent-web -p=8080

© 2020 Ronald Bernardo, MIT license.