Superhost Tools

by wootwoot1234



I have completly re-written the code behind and continue to maintain it and add new features. I recommend you sign up for an account there as this code no longer works because Airbnb has updated it's API. I'm no longer maintain this code and this code no longer works. If you would like to bring this back to life I would be happy to accept pull-requests.


Open Source Airbnb Auto Messaging and Pricing Tool for Hosts

Superhost tools is an auto messaging tool and pricing engine for Airbnb hosts. It allows you to send automated messages to your Airbnb guests. Messages can be sent before or after a guests check-in or check-out or can be sent immediately after a booking is made. In addition to messaging, it can also automatically leave reviews for guests after they check out. The pricing engine uses Airbnb's Smart Pricing as a base price and allows you to apply rules on top of those prices. For example, you can set your price 10% higher than Airbnb smart price or increase all weekend prices by $50. It can also increase or decrease prices over a period of time and you can setup rules for orphan days (a short period between bookings).

Try it out. Let me know what you think.

Try it out


Superhost Tools pricing was designed to work Airbnb's smart pricing feature. If your account does not have smart pricing, contact Airbnb and ask them to enable it. Superhost tools has not been tested with Airbnb hosting accounts that don't have smart pricing but in theory should still work.

  1. Bower
  2. Node
  3. npm
  4. MonogoDB
  5. account (to ping server)

Install on Heroku


After deploying:

  • Login to the Mailgun account created for you by Heroku to verify it.
  • Set to ping the following URLs every 15 min:

How to install on a local computer

Note: the code is set to not send messages or change prices on Airbnb from a local dev environment. I did this because I didn't want to accidentally send a message or set a price during development. You can either disable this or run it on a server like Heroku.

  1. Install all the node dependencies, open terminal and browse to the projects root directory and type npm install
  2. In terminal change to the public directory, type cd public/
  3. Then install all the bower components, type bower install.
  4. Open email/config.js and add your mailgun info.

How to run on local computer

  1. Start the Mongo DB, open terminal and browse to the projects root directory and type mongod
  2. Now start the node instance, open a second terminal window and browse to the projects root directory and type node app.js
  3. Open your browser and browse to 'http://localhost:1337/'

To-do (pull requests welcome)

See the Issues page and feel free to request features or bug fixes.


I'm still currently working on fixing bugs and adding features to Superhost Tools and can use your help. Send me pull requests and I'll respond ASAP. :) Thanks!