Facebook Comment Downloader


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Facebook Comment Downloader

A small web app for downloading comments from a public facebook page post. Comment downloading from https://github.com/minimaxir/facebook-page-post-scraper

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pip install -r requirements.txt

Note: this will install Gunicorn and Gevent. These packages are not required if you choose a different server.

This application is set up to only download comments on posts from a specified public facebook page. You will need to register and configure a Facebook app. Once you've done this, fill out config.py with your information.

To get comment author and reactions info you will need to use a Page Access token from a user who has admin rights to the page. You can get a token by setting up a system user.

Be aware of the following restriction:

Devmode Apps — Apps in Devmode are now rate-limited to 200 calls per hour, per page-app pair, and can only access Users who have a role on the app (admin, developer, or tester).



This project is built with Flask. Hosting is up to you, the Flask webpage lists some options.

Click below to deploy the app with Gunicorn on Heroku.


Development Setup

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
Start Flask dev server

FLASK_APP=fb_comment_downloader_app.py flask run

Run tests

python test_validation.py. Currently, we only have a few tests for checking the facebook urls.


Find a bug? Got an idea? Send us a pull request or open an issue and we'll take a look. You can also check the issue tracker.