WSO2 API Gateway

by wso2


WSO2 API Gateway

WSO2 API Gateway can be deployed as your own Heroku dyno. This reduces the average response time to serve an API call, which performs all the functions, without the need to connect to other API management components.

There are multiple advantages to this deployment model:

  • Performance: You can put your API gateway close to your backend services and API subscribers, avoiding the costly extra hops to the cloud and back.
  • Security and Compliance: API calls and payload data does not leave your network. This keeps your security and compliance officers happy.
  • Connectivity: Your API gateway is running on Heroku, so you do not have to set up a VPN or another alternative to expose your Heroku backend to the internet.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Most of the infrastructure is run and maintained by WSO2 for you.


Deploy on Heroku

The ‘Deploy to Heroku’ button enables users to deploy WSO2 API Gateway on Heroku without leaving the web browser, and with little configuration.

Try WSO2 API Gateway with direct deployment on Heroku:


Heroku buildpack: WSO2 API Gateway

To use WSO2 API Gateway buildpack with heroku:

  1. Set up your app to deploy to heroku with git.

  2. Set this repository as the buildpack URL:

     heroku buildpacks:set
  3. Add the WSO2 API Cloud addon:

     heroku addons:create wso2apicloud:<plan>
  4. Set WSO2_CLOUD_EMAIL, WSO2_CLOUD_PASSWORD, WSO2_CLOUD_ORG_KEY environment variables. This is required for setting up the API Gateway.

     heroku config:set WSO2_CLOUD_EMAIL=<Your WSO2 Cloud account email>
     heroku config:set WSO2_CLOUD_PASSWORD=<Your WSO2 Cloud account password>
     heroku config:set WSO2_CLOUD_ORG_KEY=<Your WSO2 Cloud organization key>
  5. Once that's done, you can deploy your app using this build pack any time by pushing to heroku:

     git push heroku master
  6. Finally, you need to scale your application with enough memory to run the API Gateway.

     heroku ps:scale web=1:standard-2x


For more information about WSO2 API Gateway, see these WSO2 documentations: