by wuct

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It's a live streaming webcam built around Raspberry, Node.js, Socket.io and React.


To Use



Start a server on port 3000.

npm run start

Start a server on port 80.

NODE_ENV=production npm run start


Start a client, and connect to a server (default to http://localhost:3000).

node client/client

Specify a url of a server.

SERVER_URL=http://example.com node client/client

In addition, this command accepts two arguments: test-mode flag and timelapse (default to 150 ms). By enabling test mode, a client will emit the image files in the client/lib folder instead of taking pictures from a raspicam. It's useful when you want to test a server without a rapicam.

# To take photos every 1000 ms
node client/client 1000
# To use test mode
node client/client test
# To user test mode and to emit images every 1000 ms
node client/client test 1000

To Develop

nodemon a server on port 3000 and start a webpack-dev-server on port 8080

npm run start:watch