API.AI Facebook integration

by xVir

GitHub Readme.md


Facebook bot sources for Api.ai integration

Deploy with Heroku

Follow these instructions. Then,
Deploy to Heroku

Deploy with Docker

docker run -it --name fb_bot \
           -p <your_desired_port>:5000 \
           -e APIAI_ACCESS_TOKEN="API.AI client access token" \
           -e FB_PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN="Facebook Page Access Token" \
           -e FB_VERIFY_TOKEN="Facebook Verify Token" \
           -e APIAI_LANG="en" \

Note about languages:

When you deploy the app manually to Heroku, the APIAI_LANG not filled with a value. You need to provide language parameter according to your agent settings in the form of two-letters code.

  • "en"
  • "ru"
  • "de"
  • "pt"
  • "pt-BR"
  • "es"
  • "fr"
  • "it"
  • "ja"
  • "ko"
  • "zh-CN"
  • "zh-HK"
  • "zh-TW"