Dialogflow webhook

by xVir

GitHub Readme.md

Dialogflow - sample webhook implementation in Python

This is a really simple webhook implementation that gets Dialogflow classification JSON (i.e. a JSON output of Dialogflow /query endpoint) and returns a fulfillment response.

More info about Dialogflow webhooks could be found here: Dialogflow Webhook

Deploy to:

Deploy to Heroku

Deploy to Google Cloud Platform App Engine

Create an account on Google Cloud Platform
Open the Cloud Shell (Top Right Corner) Select the Project.

git clone https://github.com/xVir/apiai-python-webhook
cd apiai-python-webhook 
gcloud app create
gcloud app deploy 
gcloud app browse

you will get the URL (append /webhook) =>http://[your-project-id].appspot.com/webhook

What does the service do?

It's a weather information fulfillment service that uses Yahoo! Weather API. The services takes the geo-city parameter from the action, performs geolocation for the city and requests weather information from Yahoo! Weather public API.

The service packs the result in the Dialogflow webhook-compatible response JSON and returns it to Dialogflow.