Integral CMS Sample App

by yamasolutions


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Integral CMS - Sample App

This is a sample Rails application for Integral. This sample is using Integral v1.5.1

Integral is a CMS for Rails 5+. The aim of Integral is to lower the barrier of entry in creating websites, using Ruby on Rails, with all the bells and whistles that users have now come to expect. Out of the box integral provides;

  • Backend features
    • Professional design
    • User authentication & authorization
    • Page & Post management with full WYSWIYG editing
    • User notifications
    • Image management (w/ background image processing)
    • List management
    • Settings management
    • Activity tracking
  • Frontend features
    • Dynamic Pages
    • Integrated Blog
    • Multi-language
    • SEO Ready
    • Contact form processing w/ HTML emails
    • Sitemap generation
  • Find out more...

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Getting Started

Get a professional website up and running in minutes - Check out our documentation website for installation instructions and guides.



Integral is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.