Yasir Assistant Bot

by yasirarism

GitHub Readme.md


Hello i'm based on Haruka Aya, a modular Telegram Python bot running on python3 with an sqlalchemy database.

I can be found on telegram as Hitsuki.

Join the Hitsuki News if you just want to stay in the loop about new features or announcements.

If you are going to use something from this repository in your bot, please give the proper credits.

Heroku Deploy


Thanks to

  • MrYacha - For pYanaBot.
  • Skittle - For memes and sticker stuff.
  • AyraHikari - Reworked federations, private notes, etc.
  • Paul Larsen - Marie and Rose creator, inspiration to do many things
  • FFBot - For translations functions.
  • Nuno Penim - For providing his proprietary Combot Anti Spam System API (pyCombotCAS_API), GitHub API (pyGitHub_API) etc.
  • Corsicanu - For the commands /getfw and /checkfw
  • Alisson - Helped clean up the code etc.

And much more that we couldn't list it here!