by yeemachine


Node Webshot to Base64 API

This simple API uses Node-Webshot to take a screenshot of a given URL and then converts it into a Base64 Data URI. It also uses Node-Vibrant to give back dominant colors. Created for VR-Browser.


This simplified version takes 2 parameters: a URL and a screen width (optional).
Option Default Value Description url '' The website URL. No need for headers. Takes a string. If given an invalid URL, it will return a screenshot of a Google image search of the string. width 1000 The dimension of the browser window width. Takes a value.

Example Response

  DarkMuted: {_rgb: Array(3), _population: 1, _hsl: Array(3)}
  DarkVibrant: {_rgb: Array(3), _population: 0}
  LightMuted: {_rgb: Array(3), _population: 89, _hsl: Array(3)}
  LightVibrant: {_rgb: Array(3), _population: 15, _hsl: Array(3)}
  Muted: {_rgb: Array(3), _population: 59, _hsl: Array(3)}
  Vibrant: {_rgb: Array(3), _population: 27, _hsl: Array(3)}
dimensions: {
  width: 1440, 
  height: 768, 
  type: "png"
image: "data:image/jpg;base64"