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VR/AR Browser

VR/AR Browser is an interactive multi-user web experience that transforms websites into navigable 3D environments. Users that load up the same webpage are able to see and voice chat one another. This experiment is heavily inspired by World Wide Maze and the ever popular VR Chat.

In addition to its VR components, AR mode gives the user a top-down admin-like view of all the players on a particular website.

Demo the site at vr-browser.herokuapp.com.

Project started in Erin Sparling's class at Cooper Union.


Networked A-Frame

Built with Networked-A-Frame, a web framework for building multi-user virtual reality experiences. Works on Vive, Rift, desktop, mobile platforms. Networked-A-Frame also uses WebRTC for multi-user voice chatting.

Click and use 'WASD' keys on desktop. Open it on a smartphone and use the device motion sensors. Or plug in a VR headset!


AR mode built with AR.js, a library that brings AR to Aframe.

Node Webshot

Web screenshots are taken with Node-Webshot, used in this simple single-use api screenshot-api that gives back a Data URI.


Prototype made on Glitch.