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Just a simple Discord music bot

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[⚠] Requires Node.JS version 12.9.0 or above.

  1. Install Node.JS and Yarn (Optional)
  2. Rename .env.schema to .env and fill out the values (example on .env.example)
  3. Install dependencies as stated here
  4. Run npm run build or yarn run build if you're using yarn.
  5. (Optional) Prune dev dependencies (This is good to save disk spaces):
$ npm prune --production
#or with yarn
$ yarn install --production
  1. Start it with npm start or yarn start! And you're done!


  1. You only need to configure .env file when you're using the Docker image
  2. If you're using "Deploy to Heroku" button, you don't need to do this.


Without optional packages

$ npm install --no-optional
# or with yarn
$ yarn install --ignore-optional

With optional packages (Recommended)

$ npm install
# or with yarn
$ yarn install

For optional packages, you need to install build tools as stated here and you also need to install Git


Want to use Dockerized version of jukebox? sure! we provide them on the Docker Hub and also in GitHub Container Registry


Docker Volumes are needed to store cache and logs persistently


$ docker run --env-file .env --volume cache:/app/cache --volume logs:/app/logs --restart unless-stopped hazmi35/jukebox

We also provide docker-compose.yml if you want to go that way

Compose Example

$ docker-compose up


  • A production-ready music bot, suitable for you that dislike hassling with the code.
  • Basic Commands (Help, Ping, Invite & Eval [for advanced bot owners])
  • Basic Music Commands (Play, Skip, Stop, Pause & Resume, Now Playing, Queue, Repeat, Volume)
  • Caching! (cache youtube downloads)
  • Configurable
  • Docker-friendly
  • Lightweight (only around 120MB with dev dependencies pruned)

Based on discord-music-bot