Ziggeo Applicant Tracking

by Ziggeo

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Applicant Tracking

Ziggeo API (http://ziggeo.com) allows you to integrate video recording and playback with only two lines of code in your site, service or app.

This is a simple applicant tracking system featuring video interviews. It was originally built by Union Square Ventures (http://usv.com).


Built with:


1. Obtain source code

  • 1.1 Clone our repository into an empty directory.
  • 1.2 Delete .git directory

2. Sign up for Heroku

  • 2.1 Go to Heroku and create an account
  • 2.2 Create a Heroku application
  • 2.3 Add a Credit Card
  • 2.4 Add MongoLab Addon
  • 2.5 Install the Heroku Toolbelt

3. Sign up for Ziggeo

  • 3.1 Go to Ziggeo and create an account.

4. Configure repository

  • 4.1 In your directory, start with git init
  • 4.2 heroku accounts:add yourappname
  • 4.3 heroku git:remote -a yourappname
  • 4.4 heroku accounts:set yourappname

5. Configure API / service keys

  • 5.1 Open settings.py in an editor
  • 5.2 Change COOKIE_SECRET to something random
  • 5.3 Run heroku config to obtain DB_NAME, MONGODB_URL.
  • 5.4 Go to the Ziggeo application to obtain ZIGGEO_TOKEN.

6. Customize application by editing source code.

  • 6.1 Change the title in settings.py
  • 6.2 Add your administrators to settings.py
  • 6.3 Update questions & videos in settings.py
  • 6.4 Open the template files to change the overall look. (options)

7. Push to production

  • 7.1 git add .
  • 7.2 git commit -a -m "Initial Commit"
  • 7.3 git push heroku master

Run the application locally

  1. Start a local instance of mongo by running ./mongod or configure your app to use a cloud-based mongo instance, by setting "MONGODB_URL" and "DB_NAME" in settings.py

  2. Start the web server python tornado_server.py

  3. Visit application by navigating to http://localhost:8001