BrandSSL Beta

On demand SSL Management solution for SaaS Starting at ~$0/hour.

Automated SSL Management

Secure your customers’ custom domain name at scale with the most up-to-date and secure SSL/TLS setup available.

BrandSSL manages the entire SSL lifecycle for your customers’ vanity domain name, from private key creation and protection to domain validation, issuance, and subsequent re-issuance.

5 Minute Setup

Easily setup SSL on demand by forwarding your existing CNAME target to BrandSSL. Add multiple custom headers with dynamic values all from a single dashboard.

Globally Distributed

BrandSSL is globally distributed and uses anycast to run close to your users.

Flexible API

Provision and manage SSL certificates with a single API call.

DDOS Protection

Rate-limiting, IP address filtering and DDOS protection

Works with any language & platform

BrandSSL integrates natively with all platforms and languages.

Region Availability

The available application locations for this add-on are shown below, and depend on whether the application is deployed to a Common Runtime region or Private Space. Learn More

  • Common Runtime
  • Private Spaces
Region Available
United States Available
Europe Available
Region Available Installable in Space
Dublin Available
Frankfurt Available
London Available
Montreal Available
Mumbai Available
Oregon Available
Singapore Available
Sydney Available
Tokyo Available
Virginia Available

Plans & Pricing

    • Secured Domains
    • Dedicated Anycast IP Address
    • Custom Metadata
    • API Access
    • Live Support
    • Multi CA Redundancy
Install BrandSSL
heroku addons:create brandssl

To provision, copy the snippet into your CLI or use the install button above.

BrandSSL Documentation