Build Salesforce-Integrated Web & Mobile Applications 2x Faster Starting at ~$2.778/hour.

Accelerate Your App Development

The LaunchPad add-on allows Salesforce customers to launch integrated web and mobile applications 2x faster.

The add-on is used in conjunction with Heroku Connect to generate a REST API based on an existing Salesforce schema, greatly accelerating the process of building a Salesforce-integrated web or mobile solution.

Spend Less Time and Money

By leveraging the LaunchPad Accelerator, you reduce the number of hours to build your application from ~1,500+ to ~750. That means your implementation time and costs are significantly reduced. We typically see applications using the accelerator launch within 3 calendar months.

Start with a Strong Foundation
  • Ruby on Rails REST API
  • ActiveRecord ORM
  • Postgres Database
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Strong Security
  • Authorization
  • Authentication
  • API Documentation
  • Pagination
  • Serialization
  • Params Sanitization
Integrate with Salesforce

By using the LaunchPad Accelerator in conjunction with Heroku Connect, your new web or mobile application will be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce. This means you can use Salesforce to manage your data and even the app itself.


Build a stunning customer or partner portal, and integrate the experience seamlessly with Salesforce. Benefit from a robust custom development platform where anything is possible.


Build personalized websites that will drive more customers to your organization. Integrate the website with Salesforce to communicate effectively with your leads.

Mobile Apps

Build a cutting-edge customer-facing mobile app to engage your customers over time. Integrate tightly with Salesforce so that you can manage the experience and your customers’ data from the platform you already use and love.

Internal Applications

Build technology to make your employees more efficient and your business more scalable. Automate workflows, streamline processes, and integrate your data.

Financial Services
  • Create a Salesforce-Integrated Website
  • Financial Calculators (e.g. Mortgage Payment Calculator)
  • Lead Generation
  • B2B Portal
  • Customer Portal
  • Headless eCommerce Website
  • Loyalty App
  • Customer Portal
  • Group Buying Experience
  • Partner Portal
  • Streamlined Buying Processes
  • HIPAA Compliant Website
  • HIPAA Compliant Mobile App
  • HIPAA Compliant Portal
  • Patient Engagement App
  • Partner Portal

Region Availability

The available application locations for this add-on are shown below, and depend on whether the application is deployed to a Common Runtime region or Private Space. Learn More

  • Common Runtime
  • Private Spaces
Region Available
United States Available
Europe Available
Region Available Installable in Space
Dublin Available
Frankfurt Available
London Available
Montreal Available
Mumbai Available
Oregon Available
Singapore Available
Sydney Available
Tokyo Available
Virginia Available

Plans & Pricing

    • License Key
    • Objects 5
    • License Key
    • Objects 15
Install LaunchPad
heroku addons:create launchpad

To provision, copy the snippet into your CLI or use the install button above.

LaunchPad Documentation