Add realtime WebSocket goodness to your app in minutes!


Starting at $0/mo

Add realtime WebSocket goodness to your app in minutes!

Flexible pub/sub messaging

Pusher makes it easy to push any type of content to browsers and devices in realtime.

Easily build real-time features

Easily build 1 on 1 or group chat, Activity Feeds, In app push notifications, and many other real-time features.

Integrate in minutes

Libraries for all popular languages and frameworks makes integration easy.

Supports all browsers and devices

Clients can receive realtime data in any browser, mobile app or connected devices.

Proven security

Create secure channels with our proven authorization system and secure message content with SSL support.

Stats & reporting

Comprehensive statistics and reports on usage available in your dashboard.

Plans & Pricing

    • Messages 100,000
    • Max concurrent connections 20
    • SSL Encryption check
    • Messages 1,000,000
    • Max concurrent connections 500
    • SSL Encryption check
    • Messages 4,000,000
    • Max concurrent connections 2,000
    • SSL Encryption check
    • Messages 10,000,000
    • Max concurrent connections 5,000
    • SSL Encryption check
    • Messages 20,000,000
    • Max concurrent connections 10,000
    • SSL Encryption check

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