SentinelDB Beta

A privacy by design, GDPR-compliant database with per-record encryption Starting at ~$0/hour.

Data breach protection

We encrypt each record separately using a secure key hierarchy so that no data breach can occur.

Regulatory compliance

GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and other data protection regulations have similar requirements for keeping personal data safe. SentinelDB covers these requirements and beyond.

Zero maintenance

We take care of scalability, high-availability, backups, etc. You just send and retrieve the data.

Blockchain audit trail

Accountability is key when data protection is concerned. We leverage our award-winning Sentinel Trails product to protect all access and modifications to the data using blockchain-inspired technology

Region Availability

The available application locations for this add-on are shown below, and depend on whether the application is deployed to a Common Runtime region or Private Space. Learn More

  • Common Runtime
  • Private Spaces
Region Available
United States Available
Europe Available
Region Available Installable in Space
Dublin Available
Frankfurt Available
Oregon Available
Sydney Available
Tokyo Available
Virginia Available

Plans & Pricing

    • Monthly requests
Install SentinelDB
heroku addons:create sentineldb

To provision, copy the snippet into your CLI or use the install button above.

SentinelDB Documentation