by debitoor



A Heroku buildpack for setting the ssh private key as part of the application build. It's meant to be used as part of a setup using multiple buildpacks, so other buildpacks can authenticate with hosts using ssh keys, for instance to install dependencies from private git repositories.

Example usage

Configure Multiple Buildpacks

Option 1: Heroku CLI or Dashboard

Add the buildpack to your Heroku app either using the CLI or the Heroku dashboard. The ssh-private-key-buildpack needs to run before any buildpack trying to get ssh access. In the following example, it runs before the heroku/go buildpack.

$ heroku buildpacks:set --index 1
$ heroku buildpacks:add heroku/go

Option 2: Use heroku-buildpack-multi

Instead of setting the buildpacks directly with Heroku they can also be configured using a .buildpacks in combination with heroku-buildpack-multi.

$ heroku buildpacks:set  

The same example given for the CLI use would have the following .buildpacks file.

$ cat .buildpacks

Configure SSH Key

Set the private key environment variable SSH_KEY of your Heroku app (note that the key needs to be base64 encoded).

$ heroku config:set SSH_KEY=$(cat path/to/your/keys/id_rsa | base64)

By default the buildback adds Github to known_hosts. However you can configure your app to allow custom hosts, too. All that's needed is the set SSH_HOSTS for you app to a comma-separated list of hosts, e.g.,

$ heroku config:set SSH_HOSTS=","