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Heroku Dynatrace Buildpack

The Heroku buildpack for Dynatrace OneAgent enables cloud-native monitoring of your Heroku application by integrating Dynatrace OneAgent into your application’s slug and dyno.


This buildpack deploys the Dynatrace OneAgent to automatically monitor the performance of your application and microservices in Heroku. This buildpack requires an existing Dynatrace environment and is to be used in addition to the normal Heroku Language Buildpack of your project. Please note this buildpack is language-independent and can be used with any Dynatrace supported language for your Heroku environment.


To integrate Dynatrace OneAgent into your existing project you need to add the Dynatrace buildpack to your project's buildpacks and set your Dynatrace environment ID and token. For complete details, please see the Dynatrace Heroku installation guidelines.

# Add a released version of the Dynatrace Heroku buildpack:
heroku buildpacks:add https://github.com/Dynatrace/heroku-buildpack-dynatrace.git#<version>

# Set required credentials and link your Heroku application with your Dynatrace environment
heroku config:set DT_TENANT=<your-environment-id>
heroku config:set DT_API_TOKEN=<your-paas-token>

# Deploy to Heroku
git push heroku master

After pushing the changes the buildpack installs Dynatrace OneAgent to automatically monitor the application.


The Dynatrace buildpack supports the following configurations:

Environment variable Description DT_TENANT Your Dynatrace environment ID is the unique identifier of your Dynatrace environment. You can find it in the deploy Dynatrace section within your environment. DT_API_TOKEN The token for integrating your Dynatrace environment with Heroku. You can find it in the deploy Dynatrace section within your environment. DT_API_URL Optional - Replace with your Dynatrace Managed URL, including the environment ID. An example URL might look like the following https://{your-managed-cluster.com}/e/{environmentid}/api DT_DOWNLOAD_URL Optional - A direct download URL for Dynatrace OneAgent. If this environment variable is set, the buildpack will download the OneAgent from this location. SSL_MODE Optional - Set to all if you want to accept all self-signed SSL certificates DT_TAGS Optional - The tags you want to add to the monitored apps. DT_NETWORK_ZONE Optional - To look for communication endpoints located on the indicated region. SKIP_ERRORS Optional - If set to 1, app deployment won't fail on agent installer download errors


Licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.