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Google Cloud SQL proxy buildpack

This heroku buildpack adds the Google Cloud SQL proxy to your app to enable connections to SQL instances in the GCP.


  • Google service account with the Cloud SQL/Cloud SQL client role
  • JSON key for the service account
  • Google Cloud SQL instance set up with a postgresql user able to connect to the database


Add the proxy to your buildpacks. It's important that this buildpack should not be the last one in the list, as that's used by heroku to determine your startup processes. (--index=1)

 heroku buildpacks:add --index=1 https://github.com/emartech/heroku-buildpack-cloud-sql-proxy

Add the GCP JSON credentials as GSP_CREDENTIALS env variable to you app.

Set the instance the proxy should connect to with the GSP_INSTANCES env variable. Format: <instance connection name>=tcp:<local port>. You can get the instance connection name from the Cloud SQL console overview.

Set the connection string for your DB library to postgres://<username>:<password>@localhost:<local port>/<database-name>

Start the proxy before your app tries to connect to the database by e.g. adding bin/run_cloud_sql_proxy to the .profile in the root of your project.