by evantahler

GitHub Readme.md


This is a Heroku Buildpack you can add to your heroku deployments that will notify a slack channel every time your application is deployed.

Configuring your Slack Applicaiton

  1. Visit https://api.slack.com/incoming-webhooks to create a new Slack Application which can recieve a webook. You only need the "Incomming Webhooks" feature.
  2. As part of the configuration, you will choose a workspace and channel to connect the application to.
  3. take note of the webook URL, which looks something like this https://hooks.slack.com/services/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S
  4. Feel free to configure the app's icon and name!

Adding to Heroku

  1. Enable Dyno Metadata for yoru application heroku labs:enable runtime-dyno-metadata
  2. Save your new webook URL as a Herou config setting for the varaibleSLACK_DEPLOYMENT_WEBHOOK_URL, ie: heroku config:set SLACK_DEPLOYMENT_WEBHOOK_URL="https://hooks.slack.com/services/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S"
  3. Add this buildpack: heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/evantahler/heroku-buildpack-notify-slack-deploy.git (or add it via the heroku dashboard if you have multiple buildpacks)