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Purges your Heroku application's Cloudflare cache on deployment.

This buildpack makes use of Heroku's built-in multi buildpack functionality to make a HTTP POST request to the Cloudflare purge all files API. Each time you deploy your Heroku app, the cache will be cleared.


You will need:

  1. Your Cloudflare API key and email address
  2. The Zone ID of the site that Cloudflare is caching

Run the following against your Heroku application:

heroku config:set
heroku config:set CF_ZONE_ID=my_zone_id
heroku config:set CF_AUTH_KEY=my_cloudflare_api_key

heroku buildpacks:add
git push heroku master

Getting your Zone ID

The Cloudflare Zone ID for your site can be obtained via the API:

  1. Clone this repository locally
  2. Edit the cf file to include your Cloudflare API key and email address
  3. Run the zones command:
  $ ./cf bin/zones
  1. Find the Zone ID of your site in the JSON output of zones. E.g:
  "result": [