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.NET Core Buildpack for Heroku

For .Net Core Versions 2.1 to 3.1 Current

by Softtrends LLC

This Buidpack can be used to compile and deploy .Net Core application, ASP.Net Application, ASP.Net MVC Application to Heroku. It will pull the .NET Core dependencies from Microsoft, build a .NET Core Application and deploy it to the Heroku Platform. You should use Visual Studio 2019 for best compatibility. Any tool from Visual Studio Code to the fully-featured Visual Studio Enterprise is supported.


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In order to see the buildpack in action, you can click on the button below which will deploy a sample ASP.Net MVC application to heroku and you can see the build and deployment logs as the application gets deployed for you. This application was developed using Visual Studio 2019.


You can also download the source code for the Sample Application by Clicking here