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Heroku .NET Core Buildpack

This is the Heroku buildpack for ASP.NET Core.

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The Buildpack supports C# and F# projects. It searchs through the repository's folders to locate a Startup.* or Program.* file. If found, the .csproj or .fsproj in the containing folder will be used in the dotnet publish <project> command.

If repository contains multiple Web Applications (multiple Startup.* or Program.*), PROJECT_FILE and PROJECT_NAME environment variables allow to choose project for publishing.


.NET Core latest stable

heroku buildpacks:set jincod/dotnetcore

.NET Core edge

heroku buildpacks:set

.NET Core Preview release

heroku buildpacks:set

Previous releases

heroku buildpacks:set

Available releases

More info

Entity Framework Core Migrations

You cannot run migrations with the dotnet ef commands using .NET Local Tools once the app is built. Alternatives include:

Enabling Automatic Migrations

  • Ensure there is a .NET local tool manifest file(dotnet-tools.json) which specifies the dotnet-ef tool:
dotnet new tool-manifest
dotnet tool install dotnet-ef
  • Ensure the ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT environment variable is set to Production. ASP.NET Core scaffolding tools may create files that explicitly set it to Development. Heroku config will override this (heroku config:set ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Production).
  • Configure your app to automatically run migrations at startup by adding the following to the .csproj file:
<Target Name="PrePublishTarget" AfterTargets="Publish">
  <Exec Command="dotnet ef database update" />
  • Configure your connection string string appropriately, for example, for PostgreSQL:

sslmode=Prefer;Trust Server Certificate=true

Manually Running Migration Scripts on the Database

  • Manually run SQL scripts generated by Entity Framework Core in your app's database. For example, use PG Admin to connect your Heroku Postgres service.

Node.js and NPM

heroku buildpacks:set jincod/dotnetcore
heroku buildpacks:add --index 1 heroku/nodejs

Using Multiple Buildpacks for an App

herokuish support

heroku config:set HEROKUISH=true


ASP.NET Core Demo App


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