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Heroku Multi Procfile buildpack

tl;dr -- The idea here is that you have a single git repository, but multiple Heroku apps. In other words, you want to share a single git repository to power multiple Heroku apps. So, for each app you need this buildpack, and for each app, you need to set a config variable named PROCFILE to the location where the procfile is for that app. As an example:

$ heroku create -a example-1
$ heroku create -a example-2
$ heroku buildpacks:add -a example-1 heroku-community/multi-procfile
$ heroku buildpacks:add -a example-2 heroku-community/multi-procfile
$ heroku config:set -a example-1 PROCFILE=Procfile
$ heroku config:set -a example-2 PROCFILE=backend/Procfile
$ git push https://git.heroku.com/example-1.git HEAD:master
$ git push https://git.heroku.com/example-2.git HEAD:master

When example-1 builds, it'll copy Procfile into /app/Procfile, and when example-2 builds, it'll copy backend/Procfile to /app/Procfile. For example-2, the process types available for you to scale up will be the ones referenced (originally) in backend/Procfile.


Only builds will set the proper Procfile. If you use Heroku Pipelines, then promoting a slug downstream will not trigger a build, and therefore will not look at the environment variable and act accordingly. Make sure that the proper Procfile is referenced all the way upstream to the first stage that builds.


Andrew Gwozdziewycz apg@heroku.com and Cyril David cyx@heroku.com