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RSSHub is an open source, easy to use, and extensible RSS feed generator. It's capable of generating RSS feeds from pretty much everything.

RSSHub delivers millions of contents aggregated from all kinds of sources, our vibrant open source community is ensuring the deliver of RSSHub's new routes, new features and bug fixes.

RSSHub can be used with browser extension RSSHub Radar and mobile auxiliary app RSSBud (iOS) and RSSAid (Android)

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RSSHub 是一个开源、简单易用、易于扩展的 RSS 生成器,可以给任何奇奇怪怪的内容生成 RSS 订阅源。RSSHub 借助于开源社区的力量快速发展中,目前已适配数百家网站的上千项内容

可以配合浏览器扩展 RSSHub Radar 和 移动端辅助 App RSSBud (iOS) 与 RSSAid (Android) 食用

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  • RSSBud (TestFlight 公测) | iOS 平台的 RSSHub Radar,专为移动生态优化
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RSSHub is open source and completely free under the MIT license. However, just like any other open source project, as the project grows, the hosting, development and maintenance requires funding support.

You can support RSSHub via donations.

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Recurring donors will be rewarded via express issue response, or even have your name displayed on our GitHub page and website.

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